Benefits for Youth
Benefits for Parents and Caregivers
Benefits for Educators


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 Provides knowledge and tools that will:

  • Keep them safe
  • Help them stay physically and emotionally healthy
  • Help them achieve success
  • Promote their personal development
  • Give them essential life skills
  • Help them achieve success
  • Help them to have more social success
  • Help them to become emotionally intelligent
  • Help them answer many questions they have throughout life




 This site provides additional resources for parents. This course will be made live in the near future.

It provides the knowledge and tools that:

  • Improve the communication between parents/caregivers and their children
  • Foster a better working relationship between schools and parents
  • Have necessary information to facilitate crucial conversations, which promote positive development and safety of their children
  • Help prevent certain problems from arising
  • Help parents learn a variety of methods for dealing with parenting challenges as they arise
  • Provide parents with a greater awareness of challenges young people face
  • Present various methods of discipline and positive guidance for their children




This site provides additional resources for Educators. This course will be made live in the near future.

Educators are provided with the knowledge and skills that will:

  • Foster better communication with parents and students
  • Ensure they have a positive impact on their students
  • Address students' challenges that impact their behaviours and ability to learn in the classroom
  • Teach educators more effective practices to apply to daily challenges
  • Help them become more effective educators
  • Teach the self-care and coping skills that are needed to deal with overwhelming curricula