This page has some helpful tutorial videos and instructions for how to do various things on the website like registering or accessing your account.

How to Register with a Redemption Code on Inspire the Incredible

  1. Get the Redemption code from your school. They may have printed it out for you or given it to you by email.
  2. Make sure you have an email address that you can use as you will need to have an email address to register for the website.
  3. Go to
  4. Click on JOIN NOW.
  5. In the Promo/Coupon Code Box, enter in your Redemption code. The code will be pretty long and look something like this 96B7B2BA-B654-376G-D3V2-3883FE52BEDE. Type or paste that into the Promo/Coupon Code Box.
  6. Click the Add Promo Code Button.
  7. The page will reload.
  8. In the Pick A Currency Box please select USD (if this shows up on the registration page)
  9. Now you will go to “Step One - Choose your subscription plan”. Here you will go to the place where it says Payment Plans and you will choose where it shows the name of your membership plan and click the SELECT button.
  10. Now you will go to Step Two - Enter Your Contact Details.
  11. Fill in all the information in the area that says Additional Details - All the items marked with a RED STAR are required to register for the website.
  12. If you are from Trinidad and Tobago:
  13. Put your address, city and use Non-US/Other and Country is Trinidad and Tobago for the ZIP CODE please enter in 00000 when you are asked for your zip code and put your telephone number in.
  14. If you need help you can seek out a parent, guardian or teacher to help you with registering on the website.
  15. Next go to the Login Information area.
  16. Enter in your email address twice and enter in a secure password twice.
  17. Make sure you make a note of your email address and password in a safe place as you will need these to log in to the website.
  18. Read over the Terms and Conditions - Read this yourself or have a parent, guardian or teacher read these terms and conditions to you.
  19. Click your mouse on the Checkbox to Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  20. Click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON.
  21. Congratulations! You are now registered!