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Mission, Vision and Philosophy


Our mission at Inspire The Incredible is to provide youth with the training and support they need to live better lives and become healthy, contributing members of society.


Our vision is to create the number one resource where youth and their stakeholders have affordable access to tools for their overall development and well-being.


The quality of life in any nation is determined by the level of investment in its human resources and more specifically its children.

The successful future of a country is based on the amount of time and money invested in its youth. The children of today become the leaders of tomorrow; and these children will not only become our leaders but, the keepers of tomorrow’s youth and the caretakers of yesterday’s leaders. If we fail today to teach and demonstrate the principles of humanity, compassion, respect, empathy and honour, what are we to expect from our youth? What kind of future are we creating for ourselves and future generations?

What kind of future are we setting up for ourselves and our grandchildren? Children live what they learn regardless of what we choose to believe.

For children live what they learn, and regardless of what we choose to believe, the immutable fact is they learn from our behaviour far more than just our words. Every life, regardless of race, creed, identity or socioeconomic status matters; each one is invaluable. It is not the place of any person to say or determine otherwise. When we fail to invest in proactive preventative programs, through our actions, we send a loud and clear message that some lives are not worth our time or money.

No children, when asked, declare dreams or aspirations of becoming criminal, being gang involved or becoming an addict. When we see such outcomes it is imperative to understand that these lives are ones in which something went very wrong. Often, in such adults lay children who were failed or abandoned. Our focus must broaden, and we must be proactive if we are to prevent so many lives from being lost. This can only be achieved if we recognize that we need all hands on deck.

Inspire The Incredible is an organization that recognizes we must work together if we are to save our collective futures. We live and breathe the philosophy that within every life there is limitless potential, and we are determined to ensure that each child is given the necessary tools to succeed. If a child grows into an adult who fails it must be because that individual chose that path, not because there were no other available options.

We believe in working together to create a circle of safety and support necessary for children to develop into healthy individuals. We must work collaboratively to create the “village” needed to raise our children so that we may all thrive and prosper.

What do we mean by: “Inspire the Incredible”?

For marginalized individuals, there are aspects of life and milestones often assumed as being unattainable. From completing high school, attaining a driver’s license, owning a home to becoming successful adults, there can be strong self-beliefs these thing are inaccessible. Their journey thus far has perhaps taught them the best they can hope for is simple survival, for such additional accomplishments are quite frankly too "incredible". Our organization is determined to facilitate the achievement of what was deemed unattainable. Our goal is "inspire their incredible".

We aim to achieve this through education, so they develop the capabilities and acquire the necessary personal tools to achieve success. In addition, we recognize that others who directly touch their lives have profound influences upon them. As such, we have developed a system of training and support that strives to empower these others to positively impact the lives they touch.


Kay Alexander BA, CPLC is a certified Life Coach, with certification in Crisis Response Planning. She has spent over 20 years working with children, youth, parents and professionals, and has been involved in the social services and education fields both in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada. She has done extensive work with those in crisis, including victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence and those with developmental challenges. She has in depth experience developing, implementing and delivering programs and workshops; and specializes in teaching life skills and promoting personal development.